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🚀 Exciting News from Kbeverage Ltd.!🚀

At Kbeverage Ltd., We are a rapidly growing company and we believe in pushing boundaries and delivering excellence with every sip. We have ambitious plans to continue our expansion to 100-200 stores.

Our Target Areas for the Next 2-4 Years:

- East London

- Norfolk

- Suffolk

- Lincolnshire

- Nottinghamshire

- Leicestershire

- Warwickshire

- Northamptonshire

- Kent

- Essex

- Cambridgeshire

Retail Location Requirements:

- Units ranging from 1250 sq ft to 3000 sq ft

- Good frontage

- Major towns, cities, and along A roads within the mentioned territories

With our growth trajectory, we are keen to explore new opportunities for collaboration. If you own property or know of a prime location, we would love to connect!

☕️ Let's discuss how we can bring the Starbucks experience to more communities!

📧 Contact us or meet us over a cup of coffee:

Muskan Kaul

👀 Watch the video to discover more. Let’s toast to innovation and refreshment! 🥂

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